Is there a campus in or near my city?

All of our campus training courses have two parts to them:

  1. Knowledge Based Training (Online)
  2. Skills Based Training (On-Campus)

After training over 22,000 students (and counting) we have found that the BEST repair technicians have a solid grasp of both. We call it the "Why" and the "How."

"Why" to apply a particular troubleshooting method, why a signal moves through certain sections of the phone, etc., comes from the Knowledge.  "How" to fix a specific problem on a specific device are the Skills.

Our On-Campus classes are only the Laboratory Skills based training sessions, which is where you learn the specifics of how to repair various issues, techniques to use, etc. These are called the Classroom Labs.

When you register for one of our classes, you get immediate access to our online Learning Management System (LMS) for you to begin your Knowledge based training.  The Knowledge sessions are your pre-requisites and are required for you to complete before attending the on-campus lab sessions.  Just like if you're taking math courses at a university, you need to take Basic Math 101 before moving onto an advanced level Math 301, such as Trigonometry.  You must complete the online coursework before you attend the On-Campus lab sessions.

By doing this, you will have a much better understanding and experience and will therefore be asking different questions and getting different answers, than if you came into the class with no prior knowledge.

When you're ready to attend your On-Campus Classroom sessions, we currently have two (2) Authorized Training Centers (ATC's) located in the following U.S. cities:
Dallas, Texas
Kansas City, KS

Note:  After completing the Online courses, many students have reported that they didn't feel the need to attend an on-campus fundamentals workshop, especially if they were already experienced with repairs.

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