Do I Need Tools For Class?

We always recommend to wait on buying your tools until you've completed the Tools & Equipment Training Module [CRE106].

This is because we've seen students waste thousands of dollars buying cell phone repair tools & equipment that they didn't need for their business model.  

There are lots of tools on the market, and depending upon what you want to specialize in repairing, you probably won't need all of them.  [CRE106] Repair Tools & Equipment Essentials Module (which is part of the Device Repair Essentials course) will expose you to the various tools on the market, so you can decide which ones make sense for your specific goals.

Also, our courses are comprised of both Knowledge Based Training and Skills Based Training.  Tools are only used in the Skills Based Training Classes/Workshops.

Online Classes 

For Online classes you don't need tools to get started and we always recommend waiting until after you've completed course CRE106 Repair Tools & Equipment Essentials.  Once you've completed the Cell Phone Repair Essentials track, you will be able to apply your knowledge using tools in the Repair Labs modules.

For a sample list of basic tools & equipment recommended, click here to read the article.