How long will it take to finish my classes?

This depends and varies based on the course(s) you take.

This depends because each of our courses has an online self-paced portion to it which allows you to take it completely at your own pace.  This means course completion will vary depending upon how much time you have to dedicate to your studies. 

Our most involved program is the Cell Phone & Tablet Mastery Program which is 100 clock hour course.  60 of these hours are self-paced, which means if you could dedicate 8 hours per day to your studies, you could complete them in a little over one week.  The other 40 hours are completed at our campus during a 5 day hands-on practical intensive, for a total of about 2 weeks.

Most of our other courses are not quite as involved and many students take them "piece meal" meaning one-by-one.  

Click here to view our current course list and hours requirements.

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