How much is the tuition for On-Campus classes?

It depends and will vary.

The tuition for any given course or program will vary from course to course and is listed on the course/program page.  Many of our programs, which are comprised of several courses (think college degree vs. single course), will offer much more value over individual courses and will typically be less costly than taking several individual "ala carte or continuing education" courses.

Cost vs. Value
The most important thing to remember is that cost is simply what you pay for something and is not the same as value.  The value gained from taking our courses and applying the knowledge gained eclipses the low cost of our courses and can literally change the path of your life.  That is honestly priceless.

From time to time we will offer tuition specials that offer savings off our normal tuition costs.  The best way to find out about these specials, is to sign up for our weekly newsletter.