How do I start a Cell Phone Repair business from home?

We have seen students build their businesses using whatever resources are available to them and definitely wherever they are comfortable.  It’s very common to start by meeting customers at their home, work or even Starbucks...doing the device intake/sales process and then taking the device either back to your home or somewhere you can work quietly.  Taking the device away to work on is especially effective if you are a new technician and not 100% comfortable with completing repairs in front of a curious customer.  

Other students  just meet and do the repairs on location.  Others have the customer come to their houses.  Obviously there can be some safety concerns with all of these so definitely plan accordingly and work with whatever is most comfortable for you given your goals and your resources.  

Another great idea we’ve seen work well is to partner with a small local company like an activation store and setup a desk/kiosk in their location.  You can agree to pay rent or get creative and offer some profit sharing to reduce your overhead.  Put on your thinking cap and just start asking, you’d be surprised how excited a complementary business owner can be to add your services to his business.  We’ve seen this model work in dry cleaners, gas stations, smoke shops, check cashing stores, barber shops and much more.  You’re only limited by your imagination.

We go into depth on how to choose a home based cell phone repair business, mall kiosk repair business, store-in-a-store model, or an inline retail store model in our Launchpad business training course series, starting with [LP201] The Cell Phone Repair Business Success Blueprint.