Will I learn to flash and unlock cell phones?


There are 2 different methods of flashing and unlocking phones:

  1. Hardware Boxes & Dongles
  2. Database Methods & Servers

We currently teach you what flashing and unlocking is and how to get it done using Database Methods & Servers.  Majority of our students do not want to hassle with staying on top of PRL files and firmware versions, etc.  Our students want to get the job done quickly, easily and inexpensively.

We've found that for most cell phone repair business models, the best method to achieve that goal is to use Database and Server unlocks & flashes.  These services do majority of the work for you and provide the service at a reduced wholesale cost.  This allows you to mark up the service and make a healthy profit, quickly.  This is covered in our Cell Phone Repair Essentials courses.

For students that plan on doing large volumes of unlocks, such as for phone refurbishing, etc. we currently do not teach an in-depth unlocking and flashing course that covers Hardware Boxes & Dongles.  However, the course is currently being developed and expected to be released in the future.