Is On-Campus Classroom Training Better Than Online Training?

This depends on you.

We can't tell if you if one learning method is better for you than another.  Both of our delivery methods are best-in-class, but there are differences between them.

Pro's Con's
Instructor looking over your shoulder Intensive work schedule
Dedicated time to your studies without distraction Time away from work, home family
Classroom Environment, other students can add to experience Classroom Environment, sometimes other students may detract from your experience
Compressed study time helps get course done on a set timeline For some students, so many topics on an aggressive timeline may not help retain all information
Devices and tools provided for you to use Additional cost of travel, lodging and meals may be expensive
Online Training
Pro's Con's
Flexible self-paced training schedule Requires focus and dedication. Can be easily distracted
No travel involved No devices or tools provided for practice, you must provide your own
Cost savings can be used to invest into tools, training devices or business start-up
Training can be reviewed as often as desired

When it comes to the decision of which one is best it really depends upon your specific needs and situation.  We've had students we've never personally met take our online classes and become very successful as well as students that have never applied the information and failed.  We've also had students take our On-Campus classes and become very successful as well as failures there too.

Ultimately, it comes down to your learning preferences, budget and timeline.  If you have a larger budget and a shorter timeline, On-Campus is usually the right fit.  However, if you're budget is a bit tighter and you're not as flexible with your time to get away, Online is usually a better fit.

Keep this in mind...if you do decide to start with Online classes and still feel as if you need the On-Campus classes, we do offer a credit to apply your Online tuition that you've paid and completed towards your On-Campus studies to make the initial investment more affordable.  Just ask for your "Voucher" code!