Retracting A Bid

If you've made a mistake when bidding on an item, you can retract your bid in certain circumstances.

Whenever you place a bid, you're agreeing to buy the item if you win the auction. However, in some situations you can retract your bid.

When you can retract a bid

You can retract a bid if:

  • The seller significantly changed the description of the item
  • You accidentally bid the wrong amount. For example, you meant to bid $2,000, not $20,000. In this case, enter the price you intended to bid as soon as you've retracted the incorrect bid

Timing is also important when retracting a bid:

  • If the listing is ending in less than 12 hours, you can retract your most recent bid if it's been less than an hour since you placed it. Any other bids cannot be retracted.

Tip:  When bidding, double-check that you've entered the correct amount – especially when making a last minute bid.

How to retract a bid

Contact the ReviveTech customer support team via the Chat beacon on our website by clicking on the Chat beacon:

Then choose either email or chat and be sure to include the subject:  Cancel Bid or Retract Bid.  Please be as detailed as possible for the reason that you want to cancel your bid to help aid in the process.